“To Hell With…” Brings “Hell” With

Image (approved for Creative Commons) titled “Sunlight, Trees”, photographed (23 May 2005) by Timothy K. Hamilton (sourced from Flickr).

“To Hell with society!” he exclaimed.

To be right is to be wrong,

vice-versing, let us forge a new camp.

We will call this camp: ‘Everything Wrong

writing our opposing song.

The artist called all to Camp Everything Wrong, intent on highlighting the ache of society.

Camp Everything Wrong…soon fell apart.

“These vagrants,” he wrote, “took everything I had.

How could this happen? Why? We built this Camp only to laugh as it burnt?”

His people astray…no…they were astray before joining the Camp.

“Then why?” interrogated, sifting through an illusion of elusive wonders.

A collective of strays is still society…this one, though, bases its understanding paradoxically: chaotic incorporation of the believed-to-be unincorporated.

“So then how would the unincorporated become incorporated, free from harm?”

The society of strays unclearly led themselves to harm.

Colossally, society’s power can be diffused, redirected, repurposed for spiritual use.

A society of graviety will pull themselves to Hell,

after Manic Monday’s sun descends….

the dim glow of Troubling Tuesday will gradually present.

“So then what’s the take-away, the thought-understanding here?”

To understand the synonyms of the imagination, the “martyrous cause” that brought you here. Double-down doesn’t add up, it digs two graves. Hone-in on the sky-high found inside. Trusting the self is trusting the senses, perceiving environments, electing the brightest. Societal? Stray? Covered head-to-toe in hay? No use in dismay, it’s all light-resensitive. Focus on the “Light-sense”, it will incrementally grant the energy to self-love. It’s all energy via matter, silly little vessel.

Negation of the light? Reference “Horst Wessel”.

All of these constructs were constructed by vessels.

Transmitting the light and those in unison will sparkle with attraction. The cloud of thinking fragments the inward-flow of light.

Understand this, please reader. It works too with Moonlight.



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