Sea-salt Sinuses Relieve the Search for a Beach

Photograph titled, “NOAA Ocean Explorer: Bahamas Deep-Sea Corals Exploration 2009 Mission Summary” taken 27 April 2009 by NOAA Ocean Exploration & Research. Sourced from Flickr by Z.E. Imaginaréis 18 May 2022.

At sea, drowning, caught…wrapped…between a life-raft of lost pressure.

Splashing around, terror keeps One alive.

Nowhere to hide, petrified by noisy occurrences & sights.

Numbing the pain, feel One sink under the surface.

Stomach-churning taste of sea-salt splits open prior-irritated eyes.

By then, though, one was so deep-under…

there was no Light to tell “Up” apart from “Down”!

Vertigo was somewhat soothing,

One let go of the desire to breathe…

Allowing murky-water into sinuses

paradoxically set the Spirit free.

Never again…to feel fine grains of sunburnt sand.

Never again…to feel quaking pain, becoming ever-increasingly grand.



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