Don’t You See It? Well… Neither Does It…

Photograph, titled Shadow Figures” — taken by “Mr. Frogger” (28 November 2005), sourced from Flickr.

So much Light, running from it — blinded.

Feeling heat baking a spine on-the-run,

keen on escaping the blazing Sun.

Every thing hurts, every thing a causation for the churning of fear.

No discerning, no judgement, no room for energy here.

How did I run, then, from this scorching feeling?

The fiery pitchfork of dawn that stabs eyes, leaving victims a scurrying fool;

perpetuating this vampiric-pull,

a carnivorous hatred for fellow Man, creatures,

all that matters is a toy!

The Sun is not Its friend.

Light melts Its limited reserves.

Darkness…grants It the power to survive,

why should/would…could(?)no…It does not care for Others’ strife.

Anger is Its only friend,

shoving the wheels into motion.

There’s no Electricity, no Higher-power,

terraforming Cosmonauts broken-mirroring a gruesome image.

Manipulating Light as a prisoner-of-war,

appropriating natural-power as another offensive-appendage.

Another…no…the jewel…of Man’s murderous, machinous regime.



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