Light-pink from Blue

Photograph titled “Pink and Blue Sky, a California Palm Tree Classic” taken 12 November 2008 by Flickr-user MoonJazz; sourced by Z.E. Imaginaréis 31 May 2022.

Release this Darkness from within,

and remove its pent-up stress with a grin.

Illumination of a dim-glowing fungal prison,

pitter-pattering of footsteps clapping along wet cobblestone.

Piercing chill, shooting past the knees — shaking to the bone.

Tendons pulled, spread-thin.

Crystallizing, refracting corneas,

burning with an agonizing glow of fires stuffed-below.

“Memories” of a panicked lost-boy have been long overthrown.

Charred inside, burnt-black from the relentless conquests of predecessors seeking to avenge a halo-crown.

Holy-spiritually melting others gold

for an Empire of Mold.

Pleasures so easily-sourced in life

more-often-than-not riddled with strife.

Cement-in your own castration,

subservience to your imaginations;

keep me in prison, wish me to rot.

Going to fly through these frontal-cortex skies;

smiling, sourcing energy from inside.

Throw me away with your isolatory keys,

this vessel was forged in a prison,

still managed to smile.

Aching grins are not new;

remaining the best way to gently source Light-pink from Dark-blue.



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