“High” Still Aches…

A photograph depicting F/A-18 at a high speed taken by Joe A. Kunzler 7 July 2019; sourced from Flickr by Z.E. Imaginaréis 3 June 2022.

Getting “High” from externalities…

…did nothing permanent for the Mind…

Is it “Too much sleep,” or “last thing to eat,” —

themes of “inevitable” defeat.

Oh, the horror…

Of coming to terms with…

the Destruction of Bliss…

“Is there Truth in the Happenings?

Or Sadness in the Sappenings?

Was It ever there?

Or too lost too care?”

Imagining all the years,

no wonder it “feels like a Million”.

Departing from what’s Near,

all to miss One without a Tear.

Having dreams, seemed to die.

“Taking Time” to take the “good look Inside”,

Re-flec-ting, now In-grown.

Worry not — the Flowers will show;

worry-ing, withers One’s natural glow.

“Spring is coming, Winter’s here.

Birds will return, one-day will be chirping.

Choose to weather it, Dear.

Insisting One can’t, We all know.

Persist One must, rise above the Throes.

The World will fade to black,

Knocking One’s ass back,

Tongue and Eyes, behind ‘the Mind’.

Dear, Dear, Time is almost here;

they’re riding in from Town —

with Torches and their Hounds —

hush, don’t make a Sound!

Oh no, not this?

How is It all amiss?

Don’t forget what One got into,

heaping lack of Virtue.

Deter Them, deter Them;

lest become another Beast of Burden.”

Hoping It redeemed worth,

cold-crunching shoulders regardless.



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