Painting (created 22 October 2012) titled “The Nightmare” by Flickr user Flood G.; sourced by Z.E. Imaginaréis 9 June 2022.

The artists once-known are growing old…

promised “It” was growing-up…

So strung-up, from touch, eyes-watering now…where is your gold?

Please listen to me if you cannot see,

past maddening illusions of reality…

not always happy nor pretending.

Sail with me (please) along a sea-of-Dreams.

“I” don’t know…

“I” can’t know…

suffering from blows brought-by “Me”,

fighting back “It’s” tides manically,

time sets minds free from altered-imaginative cacophonies.

Wake-up & love — “It” is all a Dream.



1892 art-piece titled “Depressed musician vintage drawing” is from the National Library of the United Kingdom; sourced by Z.E. Imaginaréis 9 June 2022.

Bones shiver in an aching-quiver,

salt coats wounded, chipped sights.

Life seen through a rainbow-halo Dream of refracted, “astigmatic” Light.

Knowing-acceptance of tears — that “It” is O.K. — to cry did not soften the grainy-sting.

Will not argue with reliably-lasting relief this expression of stress brings;

out of the fraying-maze of pursuing imaginative-figurines.

Initially feeling pain to soar-beyond,

heavy saline-rain cleared Clouds looming over songs-unsung.



Z.E. Imaginaréis

Z.E. Imaginaréis

College student seeking sustainable self-employment that enables me to simultaneously express my hobby of writing!