Painting (created 22 October 2012) titled “The Nightmare” by Flickr user Flood G.; sourced by Z.E. Imaginaréis 9 June 2022.

The artists once-known are growing old…

promised “It” was growing-up…

So strung-up, from touch, eyes-watering now…where is your gold?

Please listen to me if you cannot see,

past maddening illusions of reality…

not always happy nor pretending.

Sail with me (please) along a sea-of-Dreams.

“I” don’t know…

“I” can’t know…

suffering from blows brought-by “Me”,

fighting back “It’s” tides manically,

time sets minds free from altered-imaginative cacophonies.

Wake-up & love — “It” is all a Dream.



1892 art-piece titled “Depressed musician vintage drawing” is from the National Library of the United Kingdom; sourced by Z.E. Imaginaréis 9 June 2022.

Bones shiver in an aching-quiver,

salt coats wounded, chipped sights.

Life seen through a rainbow-halo Dream of refracted, “astigmatic” Light.

Knowing-acceptance of tears — that “It” is O.K. — to cry did not soften the grainy-sting.

Will not argue with reliably-lasting relief this expression of stress brings;

out of the fraying-maze of pursuing imaginative-figurines.

Initially feeling pain to soar-beyond,

heavy saline-rain cleared Clouds looming over songs-unsung.



Screenshot-photograph of the box-art cover — taken by PanAeon 24 May 2020 — for the novel-inspired video game I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream for PCs. Sourced from Ukrainian Wikipedia by Z.E. Imaginaréis 2 June 2022.

Not your enemy — “can you not see?”

Doing my best to be happy — look at me!

“What graveyard does this forsaken body remind people of?”

Anxieties’ imagined-themes for others unkown,

no point — no purpose — still feeling the heat in their touch (still burns).

“Why do these eyes desire to remain open?”

“How does the mouth open to utter words regretted to be spoken?”

No “regrets”, they are truly learning lessons to set One’s-self free…eventually.

Isolation a beauty, when running from abuse.

Yet when residing-in a nurtured society,

Fear tightens its tongue-tying noose.



Art sourced from the Hi, How Are You Project main-page. The Hi How Are You Project is a mental-health non-profit dedicated-to & based-on schizophrenic musician Daniel Johnston.

I do not know or understand Humans.

Yearning to communicate — timidness overrides courage to speak.

19 years of existence as a pretend “alien-freak”

has rendered it terrifying to utter anything more than squeaks.

Instead: using ink to contemplate the expression of beliefs.

Knowing there is “no such thing” as “good enough” or any-sort of “imagined-enoughs” — still cannot bridge-the-gap with the Imaginaries.

Not your enemy; freer-by-the-hour.

Plugged-in a dream, a distraction from the excruciation of mending a heart-soured & body-shattered.

Soaring away in my unidentified figmented-object from an Earth also mutilated for pleasure.

Honestly, loneliness is frigid in the impresence of a tribe.

I can make it alone, but that is not stating it is easy.

Determination is a powerful resolve in keeping feelings from reeling.



A curious friend was found today, softening tensions held on a southbound train.

Dandelion hair glistening under dim hallway rooflights,

a cheetah-print sweater & slick-blue nails;

this “liquor-fairy” soothed me into a comfortable state today.

Thank you for this shot of temporarily-needed freedom from public-panic.

Your smile, it appears, spread onto my cheeks,

granting me the resolve to speak truthfully.

Not quite burgeoning with friends,

or bustling with business.

Nevertheless, thank you —

for this slice of happiness found in another.

Having long-abandoned finding joy in strangers,

did not know that individual spirits could be this degree of “tamer”.

Cannot draw, but prefer to write instead.

Inking-down gratitude for her provided respite from tourist-traps & dread.



Z.E. Imaginaréis

Z.E. Imaginaréis

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